Fashion commercial real estate group

Fashion Group is a leading Chinese developer and operator for commercial and tourist real estate properties

Since its establishment in 1988, given three decades of development, Fashion Group has become a large scale multi-billion corporate group which focuses on development and operations of commercial properties, with investments in tourist resorts, and culture and education. The company has 7 wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Shenyang, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Lijiang, and it has independently developed and operated commercial assets with a total area of nearly 300,000 square meters.

Currently, following the principles of “concentration, growth, and innovation”, the guidelines of its development, Fashion Group has placed its focus of perennial experience on three major fields, namely urban underground commercial spaces, rail transit commercial spaces, and tourist properties and investment management. 

Shenyang Fashion Underground Street

This is Shenyang’s, even the nation’s first underground commercial street, which is a standard-setter for the development of commercial spaces of the country. 

The street is located below Taiyuan Street, the most prosperous commercial street of Shenyang. 

As an underground shopping center that combines shopping and leisure amenities with an area of more than 30,000 m2, the daily customer traffic of it may reach up to 200,000 person times. 

With a reputation as a “Trendy and Innovative” project, the street stands out from a crowd of the multiple commercial streets of Shenyang. 

It used to win the award as the Most Popular Underground Street for Young People in Liaoning Province in 2010; and in 2008, it ranked top 3 as the 100 Must-visit Scenic Spots in Shenyang. 

Nanjing Fashion Lady Plaza

The shopping mall is the largest underground commercial street in Nanjing, a must-visit tourist attraction of the city. 

The project is located at the core business zone of Xinjiekou, the top 1 business circle of Nanjing. 

There are two floors of the shopping mall, with a construction area totaling more than 20,000 m2. 

With its unique architectural design and personalized shopping environment, each day, the shopping mall attracts thousands of young people to gather here for shopping. 

In 2010, the project won the award as the Nation’s Underground Mall with the Best Revenue; in 2009, it won the honor as the Most Popular Underground Shopping Mall in Eastern China. 

Fashion Tianhe Commercial Square, Guangzhou

This is the largest underground fashion shopping mall in Guangzhou, as well as the largest one in the country. 

It is located in the central area of Tianhe business circle in Guangzhou, at the center of the city middle axis. 

The total area of the project is 120,000 m2, and the total construction area is approximately 220,000 m2, with 3500 underground parking spaces. 

It is the most popular underground shopping mall for the young and trendy folks in Guangzhou, a trendy center with the most distinctive art features. 

The project won the award as “the Most Valuable Commercial Project for Commercial Investments of Guangdong” in 2011; while in 2009, it won the awards as “the Most Innovative Gold Medal Commercial Properties of Guangdong”, and “Commercial Property with the Best Planning Design of Guangzhou”.

Shenzhen Huaxin Station Fashion MEGO Subway Commercial Space

Shenzhen Futian Station Fashion Subway Commercial Space 

The Shenzhen Branch of Fashion Group has launched a new business model in association with rail transit operators. which means that the Group is not only a partner of commercial operation for Shenzhen Metro Group, but also has launched a new model for its light asset operations.

Shenzhen Huaxin Station Fashion MEGO Subway Commercial Space is located in the core commercial circle of Huaqiangbei, the No.1 Golden Commercial Circle of Futian District, also known as China’s No.1 Electronic Street, with close proximity to Huaxin Station, a transfer hub between Line 3 and Line 7. The project has a construction area of 20,000 square meters, and enjoys geographical advantages for its seamless connection to the subway lines.

Shenzhen Futian Station Fashion Subway Commercial Space is located at Futian Subway Station, the largest underground train station in Asia, and the station with the fastest trains in the world, in the central area of Futian District. The project has a construction area of 20,000 square meters. With the Futian Station of the Guangshengang (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong) Passenger Special Railway as the center, the project is linked to a number of urban rail transit lines, such as the Line 1, 2, 3, 4, and 11, as well as several conventional transport infrastructure and auxiliary facilities, such as the bus terminals and docking stations for cars and taxis, etc. It is a major underground railway station, and an important intercity transport hub in the Pearl River Delta.


Guo Kuizhang

Founder and President, Fashion Group

Early in his life, Mr. Guo used to be a professor of art at college. 

In 1988, he started his business, and had been involved in decoration and later commercial property development. In 2003, he founded Fashion Group, and started the strategical investments in domestic commercial real estate projects across the country. In 2007, he began to invest in tourist real estate properties, and became a trailblazer for underground malls and creative modes for tourist properties in China. In 2015, he began to support the Global Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative, and he aspires to become the torchbearer for young entrepreneurs. 

Leadership Team

With excellent insights of market and business talent,We lead our teams and march at the frontiers of the industry. 

With our passion, courage and wisdom,We explore and seek innovations to ignite the eruption of inspirations for our teams. 

With our willpower and strength,We drive our engine that propels the company forward to reach farther places.